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Help Needed Pop Quiz Part Two

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JoeHotpot | 22:33 Sun 06th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers
21. What was the stage name of the former drummer with Prince who was in love with the Belle of St Mark?

22. Which female artist has twice sang on hits with Peter Gabriel?

23. Paul McCartney enlisted the help of his then neighbour to help him finish the lyrics to Yellow Submarine. What was that neighbour's name?

24. Which granny farmer was the undisputed king of the slums?

25. Which modern band took their name from the track listing of David Bowie's Hunky Dory album?

26. Who was the first pop star to perform in front of a reigning Pope?

27. Which member of Heaven 17 had not been part of the Human League?

28. Who are Danny, Dougie, Harry and Tom?

29. Other than English, Lily Allen, Depeche Mode and the Flaming Lips have all recorded songs in which language?

30. The lead singer of which band married Anne Martin in 1982?

31. Who are referred to as "The four kings of EMI" in the Monkees' Alternate Title?

32. On which classic number one does Steve Gregory play the legendary sax line?

33. She was first heard of in 1968 and this happily married mother of two worked on a market stall as well as continuing a singing career. What was her name?

34. Dave Ball was the synthesiser part of which chart topping duo?

35. Which of his top ten hits never appears on an official David Bowie greatest hits package?

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1- sheila B Devotion.
22- Kate Bush?
sorry- 1st answer is for question 21.
28 Mcfly -group
If I was of a suspicious nature, I would suspect a cheesed off ABer is trying to make a point about quizzes by putting entire quizzes on here... Perhaps one who has been vocal lately.... Of course, I could be wrong. I am sometimes. Hence why everyone should check any answers posted on here.
The bowie one has got to be the laughing gnome.
And B00 doesn't normally post in here. I suspect a conspiracy. They both belong back in Monsters Inc. (aka chatterbank)
Escuse me Gen??

I answered this question in good faith, I've no idea who JoeHotpot is. And for your information I do venture out of ChatterBank occasionally.

Please get your facts right before you start slinging accusations- especially in my direction.

Thank you.
Question Author

Isn�t brilliant the way some people have developed this conspiracy theory, although I DON�T know you I think I like you!


lol, cheers Joe, I've also left a post directly for gen regarding this. I'm actually extremely narked about this, I obviously need a better social
No.32 careless whisper.

Booo you being bad ?Well im off to monsters inc.Lol.Made my day gen 2 respect lol.
34 . soft cell

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Help Needed Pop Quiz Part Two

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