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Help Needed TV & Film Quiz Part Two

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JoeHotpot | 22:55 Sun 06th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
2 Answers
21. Which two hugely successful series came from a 1973 BBC project called Seven of One?

22. The famous author Michael Crichton was responsible for the creation of which medical drama?

23. Mary Craig, often referred to as the Dark Lady, was the original timekeeper and scorekeeper on which quiz programme?

24. Giant versions of which two Magic Roundabout characters once terrorised the Goodies?

25. Which show only lasted for four series and one Christmas special, yet saw 30 different actors and actresses portray the six main roles?

26. Which famous comedy actor, when he passed away in 1983, left a self penned obituary for the Times which read that he "wishes it to be known that he conked out on November 15th. He sadly misses family and friends"?

27. In which series did we meet Au Pair girls called Danielle and Ingrid?

28. In Lilies, what is the first name of the Moss sister who has the middle name of Mary?

29. What names -one for a boy and one for a girl- did Raquel Watts always say she would call her children?

30. In which series did David Jason appear dressed as Robin the Boy Wonder?

31. "He made U-turns on a busy street, crashed through safety barriers, crossed road divider markings and failed to signal a single turn." This is a description of a character once voted the worst driver ever on TV. What is the character's name?

32. Which actress did Adrien Brody kiss when he received his 2002 Oscar?

33. Which Carry On character observes: "I'm sure I'll never get my draws off as quickly as that"?

34. In which film is Patrick Macnee invisible?

35. Name the characters who were the two main villains in Batman and Robin (1997)?


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22. ER
32. Halle Berry
21 - Porridge and Open All Hours

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Help Needed TV & Film Quiz Part Two

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