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Help Needed TV & Film Quiz Part Three

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JoeHotpot | 22:58 Sun 06th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
10 Answers
36. Who is generally considered to be the first ever victim of the cinematic pie in the face gag?

37. On the set of which film did Courtney Cox and David Arquette meet and fall in love?

38. Aladdin was revamped in order to make the title character "more Tom Cruise and less..." who?

39. For which film did Anna Scott win her Oscar?

40. Who famously sang Happy Birthday Mr President to JFK on his 46th birthday?

41. Betty Boop played which role in 1933, a part that was soon to become synonymous with Disney?

42. What are the names of Donkey's three offspring in Shrek 3?

43. The title role in Pretty Woman, as played by Julia Roberts, was turned down by which Bratpacker?

44. Which actress goes from being the first daughter in Mars Attacks! to a Queen of Naboo?

45. In which film does Porky Pig demand a better deal from the head of animation at Warners?

46. In 1963 which actress played a character whose name was actually her real name?

47. Which actress is Liam Neeson married to?

48. Which Abbott and Costello film spoofs The Wizard of Oz?

49. Who considered herself as "the young Lauren Bacall"?

50. Who is to play the mother of the young Spock in the latest Star Trek movie, set

Well thats the lot , please remember Im driven by greed not by the challenge please help me by sending completed answers to the Northern Echo by Friday


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Getting boring now...
If you win, are you going to share the prize with all those who helped you....................written with tongue firmly planted in cheek !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question Author
Your right

To be fair, all of you that have posted about entering and depriving me of the prize have missed the point.

If all people are going to do is post questions on here then why not have 6,000 winning entries, there�s no skill or challenge to it

I apologise to anyone who I may have upset, but think about it


Its a path we've been down before many times
But it isnt true
I got one back recently only 90 returned - 17 all correct but they had made �142 so I am sure they were more than happy. With your theory there should have been 142 all correct answers but that is never the case
do you think that people that enter the quiz do it all on their own.there are teams up to 6 and more people.And others get answers by asking patrons at pubs etc
I think by all means it should be an attempt to answer questions by ones self,but the occasional question shoould be asked of others here.After all who knowes if the answer is right in all cases.
'Get a life' springs to mind!
My mother used to say that God helps those who help themselves; there's not much evidence of that here. I bet you could have googled most of the answers in the time it took you to type out the questions. You are an IDLE soldier.
If you intend to keep asking numerous questions can you please put them on one site as requested by AB, you have put 18 individual question almost filling two pages
Question Author
For all of you that have missed the point

What is the point of just posting the questions here apart from sheer greed, does no one take any satisfaction in finding the answers themselves?

I wasn�t aware of this site until 26/12/07 when it started to be included in my Google search results, looking further I found one person had listed six questions, they had also listed another ten questions on another page. So what? After hours and hours of hard searching they couldn�t find the answers, well no, they posted the questions the afternoon after the quiz was set!

I know and understand lots of people take the quiz very seriously and take great pride in finding the answers, It�s just a shame that they are competing with the greedy ones who are only motivated by the money.

To redhand, yes I know people do it in teams and put in multiple entries, I don�t have a problem with the �occasional question� but there are people just posting for greed.

To Pauline, thanks, I have one which means I don�t just sit here looking for questions to ask or answer

To exscribbler, your mother was right, you google the answers and I help myself to them, perfect. The only problem with Googling them is the results are heavy with people from this site asking the questions.

To burgess3334, sorry but you�ve missed the point
Burgess may have missed the point but he was using answer bank as it should be used and explaining to a newcomer that you should do your posts in one go.
OK you've made your protest but now as has already been said "Get a Life"!!!!!!!

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Help Needed TV & Film Quiz Part Three

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