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Express Crusader 20 aug

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BLHC | 08:09 Thu 21st Aug 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
2 Answers
1a Knock woman's bone (7)
5a Turn cleaner into fish (7) - (I think this is an anagram of cleaner but I can't work it out)
9a Flattering to somehow laud a politician ((9) ??????o??
10a Rang elders about messenger (5)
11a Prisoner to cite terrible pride (7) ??????t

1d Reported location of swimmer (6)
2d Curl toes round some meat (9) ??????d?s
3d Pleased with the contract (5)
5d Fish has no better material (5) ????n
6d Loud female endlessly turning out fertilizer (4,5) ???? m?u?d (????? Mound)
7d Wise man gets sum wrong about silver (5) ????s
8d Friend said to redesign English fence (8) ????s?d?



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1a - patella.
9a. - adulatory.
10a - angel.
11a - conceit.
2d - tournedos.
3d - lease.
5d - rayon.
6d - leaf mould.
7d - magus.
8d - palisade.
5a - rollmop.
1d - plaice.
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Express Crusader 20 aug

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