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KM Links Game -December week 3 Results

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gonesailing | 07:49 Mon 22nd Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I do hope the solutions to this morning's crossword are somewhat more straightforward than Saturday's - anything to make scoring easier, I mean I'd like to have it done before next weekend!!

Well, when someone works out todays links and would like to post them, I'll be ready and waiting with every faculty available to man [ !! ] to try and figure it all out.

Of course I could always pretend the computer has crashed and nothings getting through - you could all start to wonder if you've heard nothing from me after 12 hours or so, you could anticipate the worst !!!!


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silent stars go by
and crisp and even
yonder star
-- answer removed --
feast of stephen....and crisp and even
the new born king...reconciled
we traverse afar...yonder star
still we see thee lie...silent stars go by
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Thanks cliffyg & barterboy I shall now go and see what I can make of all that......S
Question Author
Ok having now waded through all the various attempts at matching up this contest, I've come to a couple of conclusions and made a few exec decisions which I hope everyone will go along with.

Firstly - NB to whoever is doing this next Christmas [probably still me, but I might have been sacked by then] - partaking in this particular game is purely for the fun and games involved [ha ha] and the points won't feature on the Leader Board.

Secondly - I have been very liberal with the interpretations ie when an entry says "following yonder star" I have paid it, so if you're on the right track with your answer, you get points

grannydi was first in with Silent Stars go By, then tearinghair picked up bonus points for Yonder Star and And crisp and even, plus 1 for Silent Stars for a total of 5 points and a very well done, while Magyar came pretty close to Reconciled and also scored a point for each other match [amazing !!!] for another score of 5 points

roslyn251254 & Mrs E did very well in scoring 3 points and ShazzaHewit & deecee131 managed 2 points while another seven entrants each scored a point.

Right, I shall go and sort out the Leader Board [ and let my daughter have her computer back for a while ] and will return at some later stage

and seekeerz [in disguise] staggers off towards the fridge and a restorative glass or several of sauv. blanc wondering how she ever got mixed up in all this..............
Thanks steff, hopefully next weekends links will return to normality.
No luck with my Christmas carols.
Enjoy your Christmas and new year
Thanks Steff ....I hope the couple of bottles of vino restored your sanity!!
What a mess this week was; and I thought that Kate's instructions were that the links would be from different verses of the same carols not from the same (first) verse. Hopefully normality will resume next weekend!
Seasons greetings to all.
Still no Leader Board to see where I am and all the others who had trouble in sorting out Saturday's requirements. Do this weeks points count or not? I am at the page 10 stage where any further news will be unobtainable, unlee a new progress report is utilised.
Happy Christmas to all of you out there.
Thank you very much for a heroic try at the scoring, gonesailing/seekeerz
No points for me, but who cares? it's Xmas.
Have a good one everyone, here's wishing you all you wish for yourselves.
ladyalex :-))
Hi Steff, I didn't participate last week, so to make up for it I will predict that Kate's link words next Saturday will be:-


Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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KM Links Game -December week 3 Results

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