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A roof over your head & Parts of the body

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granny grump | 22:33 Thu 27th Aug 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
24 Answers
Please can you help me finish these 2 quizzes?

Roof over your head
1 Value of conversation (10)
18 Entire Cambridge River dwelling (7 4)
22 Transport favourite (6)
31 Aristocratic lady's personal servant? (9)
35 Tax, see tin! (7)
53 Tiny salutation (9)
57 Where the Perons lived (4 6)
72 Austral cutlery (9)
83 Almost a sports car (5)
95 Red haired Anne's adoptive home (5 6)
99 Automatic housewarming (7 7)
100 It's the end (8)

Parts of the body

16 Could be painful on your back
17 A bit of a cad
24 Next to aitch (eye I have already got eyes foer Needles have them)
26 Found in a shell

I apologise for the amount of questiions - I have had Jacob John my youngest grandson for the week and he is very high maintenance and I am falling behind


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Sleep tight x
Parts of your body
no 26 Muscle
-- answer removed --
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thankyou frannie38

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A roof over your head & Parts of the body

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