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seasons quiz leprosy mission

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poodledoo | 17:39 Tue 15th Dec 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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12) Which country has the greatest number of daylight hours during the month of June a)Laos b)Iceland
c) Tunisia d) Ecuador e) New Zealand
20) Where would the least difference between the average maximum air temperature in January and July be found a) Tokyo, b) Bombay c) Warsaw d) Auckland e) Cape Town
Answers please, as have failed to work it out so far!


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You should be able to find it all here
Question Author
why can't people give answers on this site any more?
did you find a answer for the christmas quiz, about the robin and the four leaf clover??
Question Author
no, i couldn't see a connection between the answer suggested, and christmas. have you got the answer please?
Poodledoo - your response to chelle7272 must rank as one of the most ungrateful replies seen on AB for some time. The first part of your question is easily answered via Google (which confirms the obvious answer). And for the second part you were pointed in the direction of a site which gives you the answer unless you are too lazy to look up the countries.

But all you could do was moan because you were not spoonfed the answer. Pathetic. Perhaps people have spotted that you ask dozens and dozens of questions on here and have come to the conclusion that you need to try harder yourself!
Question Author
teddysbears-I have only just seen your belated answer to my christmas quiz, and thank you for your reply.

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seasons quiz leprosy mission

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