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Last three answers - clues are all about flowers/plants

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TraceyK | 17:37 Fri 07th Jan 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I really thought I'd be able to do all 100, and got SO close - but the last 5 answers are, to be honest, doing my head in! I know questions from this quiz have been asked before on AB as I've just looked, but I can't see anyone else struggling with these same ones! Any help, or even clues, would be INCREDIBLY appreciated!! The answers are plants/flowers:

1. Parisian dancers and a railway have this in common (8)
2. Sounds like grown up bike boys (8) – the answer can’t be Cyclamen, as this is my answer for “Turn A into E to get bike riders”
3. In the Rio Grande, hay is the answer (9)
4. Flowers in June, yet common in November (5)
5. Half a World cup trumpet with a E (6)

Could you kind people also agree or disagree with the following - these are the ones I'm not convinced about:

a. Botham follows a player's shortened opponent (7) GENTIAN
b. Alas - six Romans are confused (6) SALVIA
c. Juggled spittle (6) SALVIA

.... How often do you get the same answer for more than one question in the same quiz?

Any/all help is MUCH appreciated. Thank you,



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5 azalea
sorry, to explain world cup trumpet Vuvuzela. Last half of the word + E
3 Hydrangea? Anagram of Grande hay
Question Author
Thank you both - can't believe I said last three answers then listed five - doh, that's what my brain has been reduced to!
Hi Tracey. I can't see the quiz setter using the same flower for 2 cues, but then I'm not a regular quizzer. Out of b and c I would look again at B, Romans just doesn't fit, if it's Salvia then the Romans bit is unnecessary (that's just my opnion, others may differ)

Good luck with it
I read the clue as six in Roman numerals vi + anag of alas - just a thought though
Yes, Touchstone, It's me....Been a long day. x
1. Bluebell (Dancers at the Paris Lido and Bluebell railway in Sussex)
Question Author
Bluebell - THANK YOU I would never have got that one .... I've been pulling apart moulin rouge, can can ... aarrgghh!
Hi mazie - sorry you've had a bad day. Where do we go with c. now?
Question Author
Flowers in June, yet common in November? Drawing a blank with this one
4. There is a flower called Gold Ember so perhaps the answer is plain EMBER?
Flowers in june is Poppy, (rememberance day in November)
I'm doing the same quiz, have them all now but I also have a problem with Juggled Spittle being SALVIA, as that is definately the answer to Alas - six Romans are confused.
I can only think that the quiz setter, having used that answer on question 14 had forgotten he had used it by the time he got to question 96 - unless we are all missing something! I also have two possible answers to Nan's Hat (9) any thoughts on that one?

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Last three answers - clues are all about flowers/plants

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