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steveb | 22:37 Sun 18th Aug 2013 | Science
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I would never normally consider posting a question about ghosts in this section but I think I'll get the best answer here.

I do not believe in any supernatural phenomena, however I was speaking to some members of a family we have known for years and was very surprised to find that 3 adult members of this family did. They claimed that each of them had independently seen the ghost of an old man in their bathroom, and various other seemingly paranormal events, objects moving, noises etc.

I didn't know what to say to them, I completely do not believe in these type of events yet I consider these people to be completely honest, sane and genine.

Noises and other minor events can generally be explained by logical means, but can anyone offer an explanation for actually seeing ghosts, particularly people seeing the same ghost?

Any suggestions would be greatly received, it's almost enough to make me question my own beliefs.


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People can be wrong, the eye in particular is untrustworthy, let alone the brain. Various studies have demonstrated, anyway, that we can be fooled, seeing things that are not there and not seeing things that are. Moreover there is no way for these people to know that they have seen exactly the same "ghost", and it's likely that there was a certain amount of...
23:23 Sun 18th Aug 2013
Why does anyone post any of their views, thus potentially exposing themselves to ridicule? Because, at least at the time, they genuinely believe in them. Doesn't make it any more true.

Either that or they just wanted to enjoy watching the reaction.
For anyone else who is wondering, I don't play games and I don't tell lies.
There was a question last year about a poltergeist that turned a tap on in a bathroom during the night. As it happened I had the same 'poltergeist', I made it go away by drilling a small hole in part of the tap mechanism, (details supplied if anyone is really interested). The questioner did not reply to my ghostbusting suggestion, can't think why.
Thanks, Naomi. Although i thought the people who used the term "ghosts" were usually people who did believe in the Supernatural. For them, that is the explanation and they have no further questions. It sounds more that you actually think, as i do, that we don't know the explanation yet. But calling them "ghosts" implies that is your conclusion. That is not the same as "i don't know what caused it".
Pixie, no, it isn't the same as 'I don't know what caused it', and I've lost count of the number of times I've said I don't believe anything is 'supernatural'. I'd be very happy to use a more appropriate word - if I could think of one. Any ideas?
Yes, you certainly have said that, Naomi, but, also, in the same thread:

" I would say that at that time I lived in what I can only describe as a seriously 'haunted' house where things went rather more than 'bump' day and night. "

which is why I'm asking your definition of 'haunted.' Not a word i would use and seems to contradict your lack of belief in the Supernatural.
What word would you use?
"unexlained" or just "strange". It doesn't really matter, it just seemed contradictory, so i wondered.
I take your point - but to me they are just words in common usage that convey the idea, and I always try to remember to put quotes around them indicating that I don't interpret them in the usually accepted sense. It's never occurred to me that anyone who's read my posts might think I believe any of this is supernatural. Bet if I said 'strange' or 'unexplained' things are happening, someone would ask 'do you have a ghost?' ;o)

Got to go to bed. I've been travelling most of the day. Night. x
All all in the mind. Your brain plays tricks, if you have a cat every shadow or movement your brain will create the cat. People who believe in ghosts see them.
I have seen a ghost in the middle of the day in a flat I owned years ago. He disappeared into the wardrobe & was not of our time. I didn't know him & have never seen him or any other ghost since but I recall it clearly.
fantastic thread, and I haven't read every single post so apol's if this is covered, but......anyone check the carbon monoxide levels on the occasions in question? A gas leak can do weird stuff to your head.
Many years ago I lived in a 300 year old cottage, I had quite a few "episode" but the most tangible was being slapped very hard on the backside when there was no one else in the house.
In the modern house where I live now, OH and I watched a lump of pot pourri fly from one end of the lounge to the other.
Look in the Slop Chest on Manchester Liners Old Shipmates Association website and scroll down to the sub-heading "Can You Believe This?" The item has the title "The Captain"

It is about the ghost of a man who wasn't dead!

I was that young Apprentice and I was the Landlord and yes, it is all true.

Names have been kept out of it for reasons of data protection.
I think this subject is SO fascinating,there will always be believers(like me)and non believers.
I know there are ghosts. When I was a kid they were always on the TV.
when I worked in floors castle in kelso I saw a ghost I was only nearly sixteen at the time had never seen any films but one night on going to bed I saw a knight he only smiled at me so I was not worried in fact I looked forword to seeing him again but no that was the only time he appeared you may think it was only my imagination but bear in mind I had not seen any films before this happened
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Knock it off Jim. You are just coming back like a ghost from the past.

End of....Al
Normally I'd agree with you Alston, but unfortunately Naomi has been ignoring, or at least not responding, to me in other threads. Which isn't exactly helpful to either of us. And without anywhere more private to ask about it, this seemed as good a place as any. Or not.

For what it's worth, I will miss the debates with Naomi if she never does reply. They're usually useful to me, in one way or another. Which is why I think it's such a pity that she seems to have decided not to bother any more.

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