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Powers Of A Lens

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ChipSkylark3220 | 01:20 Thu 28th Oct 2021 | Science
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Suppose you notice that a friend is having difficulty seeing distant objects clearly. After a few tests, you and your friend discover that they can see objects clearly out to about 35 cm from their eyes. Being a good friend, you want to help your friend see far away objects clearly. What should the focal length of a lens be to allow your friend to see a very far away object clearly, assuming the lens is placed 2 cm from your friend’s eye? What would the power of the lens be in diopters?

For distance object I got 0.35m and image distance I got 0.02m. I used 1/v +1/u = 1/f to get f=0.02 m and lens power of 52.86m. Is this correct?


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Perhaps a trip to an optician is indicated.
A -2.75 diopter lens would help (-1/0.35).

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Powers Of A Lens

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