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Does This Armpit Rash Look Like Psoriasis Or Sweat Rash?

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Raidergal2022 | 22:56 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Science
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I’m unsure if I have psoriasis or not, I’ve had itching and slight redness on and off for years in a private area and at a appointment my gp muttered the word psoriasis which worried me a bit. Steroid creams have helped a lot.

Occasionally I also get a small 10p sized patch on the back in my neck now and again, one application of steroid cream gets rid of it. I’m worried as I know psoriasis can turn into arthiritis in a third of people who have it as the immune system can attack the joints.

Last week after a shift at work I noted redness on both armpits, they were itchy and burning. I’m not sure if it’s because I was sweating in uniform or if it’s psoriasis.. steroid creams helped a little but it’s still there

I can’t help but worry that if it’s psoriasis it will affect the joint too eventually

Has anyone had a armpit rash like this?


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I'm certainly no expert but, from looking at the pattern of the rash, contact dermatitis from a roll-on antiperspirant that contains something that doesn't agree with your skin looks to be a strong possibility to me.
I would agree with Buenchico – I once suffered an underarm rash after using a different spray-on deodorant (to that I normally used).
That's not psoraisis
I'm not an expert but I'd say that is nothing more that sweat rash.

I'd suggest using an anti-pers deodorant and wash using sensitive shower gel at least daily. Make sure you dry well, too before applying anything. It certainly doesn't look like psoriasis.

The patches you get are more likely just dry skin. Keep well hydrated.
If you're still unconvinced that it's not psoriasis, I suggest googling for 'underarm psoriasis' and then clicking on 'Images'. You'll see that none of the pictures there look anything like the one that you've shown to us.
Could be Tinea Cruris ( Jock Itch ) if it's in the crotch. But can occur in other areas. It’s caused by a fungus. In sweaty areas. Easily treated with cream from doctor. But it is contagious.
Question Author
Thanks for your help if it doesn’t look like psoriasis I’l bear this in mind, as it might not be
Since the gp said that word every red mark on my skin *** me up lol
The widespread rashes sound like Psoriasis, but one needs extensive psoriasis for a long period of time before one develops psoriatic arthritis so don't worry.

As for the armpit rash, I agree with Buenchico if is probably an antipeespirant rash and 1% cortisone cream should clear it.
I think everyone is right
it is NOT on extensor surfaces ( elbow) it is not red, and flaking , therefor it is not psoriasis

it IS in the arm pit ( that is not his crotch, malagabob trust me I know these things) and not exactly severe

Psoriases isnt a death sentence, you know
you didnt, well you do now

tinea or deoderant
even if you do get psoriatic arthropathy ( jt damage from psoriasis) which you wont
it is not exactly like Kafka after the metamorphosis
(literary allusion - sozza)
Question Author
I did consider the down below itch/back passage to be jock but it’s been on and off for years, intense itching, the gp said it was inflamed and it was only a strong topical steroid which helped

This is the patch on my neck which comes and goes, just one application of deemavate gets rid it for months though

I’ll have the trust the gp, know there are different causes for rashes but find them hard to tell apart
Have you changed your deodorant?
I am wrong, the neck lesion isn't Psoriasis it is more like a contact dermatitis to the shampoo.
Peter I’m aware the photo in the link is not of a crotch. I did say Tinea can infect other parts of the body. Including underarms.

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Does This Armpit Rash Look Like Psoriasis Or Sweat Rash?

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