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Photo Of The Night Sky On A Mobile Phone

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beso | 12:51 Sun 28th Aug 2022 | Science
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On a recent holiday to central Australia, my wife pointed her phone camera towards the sky and took a photo. That photo captured detail that really surprised me. To make sure it was not just an artifact, I submitted it to a website that identified the view.

Just take a moment to comprehend that this is a hand held photo from an iPhone 13 Pro mobile phone pointing out into the void. None of this detail was apparent to the naked eye.

Mind officially blown.


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wow that's a great picture with a mobile phone short exposure, it's even got some of the MW in it.
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The camera does an extended exposure over a couple of seconds. The image processing handles any movement.
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That site is awesome. It recognised another photo in a couple of seconds and presented the annotated version.
Very cool!
Wow - that's quite something.

We're very near the dark sky reserve here and get good views if we turn all our own lights off - I've also got an iPhone 13 Pro Max and will have a play on the next clear night.

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Photo Of The Night Sky On A Mobile Phone

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