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Would You Forgive Someone For Doing Accidental Incest?

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nickmajor890 | 18:37 Sat 15th Oct 2022 | Science
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WOULD you or Would you not? Leave an answer to the descripted question BELOW. Just out of curiosity. Thanks!!


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Of course, yes.
With so many broken marriages and some households where kids don't even know who their fathers are, it could easily happen.
I suppose it’s completely plausible that a woman could sleep with a man who later turned out to be her dad or brother. Nobody’s fault, but you’d want to get out of the situation as soon as possible
Would I need to give forgiveness ? Not my business. Although I'd be disappointed were it to result in offspring who ran the risk of health issues.
why would it be any of my business? I'm neither a judge nor a priest and nobody needs my forgiveness.
My mate Tom had this problem, his brother was less than delighted, couldn't sit comfortably for days.
I’m trying to conjure a scenario(and thankfully failing) whereby it would be accidental?
The OP is far too vague.
having sex by accident
oh god only on AB ( er the q not the actual THING!)

I thought I was making a cup of coffee but there is a baby now so I am forced to admit other possibilities
Judgie Baby for it is he: I forgive you
It could be accidental if siblings were split up, brought up apart, then met up not knowing they were related and fell for each other.
It happened in an Irish nursing home once, OG.

John Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzjohn turned out to have more in common than they first thought.
that girl who had sexsomnia ( "I didnt!" - said both the girl and the fella!)
o god that is a consent case not an incest case

I will have to ..... muse on - reluctantly,.... slowly, and pruriently
rejecting with horror any foul thought
praying like Augustive ( later St) Oh Lord make me chaste but now quite now - hands above the table note
Surely your scenario indicates that neither individual knee of their connection to the other, so what's to 'forgive'?

Forgiveness involves regret for a conscious action, this is not it.
Lol douglas.
Does this question belong in Science?
Incest isn’t just siblings. Many children have no idea who their father is
There are tests for that now.
Yes there are tests, but how many people take such a test before a hook up?
Just a guess - more after than before?
I'm with jno.

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Would You Forgive Someone For Doing Accidental Incest?

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