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How Do You Improve The Working Of A Swiss Army Penknife?

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Vimto | 16:09 Wed 09th Nov 2022 | Science
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I have had a Swiss Army penknife for some years and the blades and other tools attached to it are so very difficult to open, very, very stiff. I have tried oil and WD40 without result. It seems the only way is to obtain another Swiss Army penknife to open it and so on ad infintum!

And many broken nails.


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Maybe clogged up with debris of years.

Can use clean it somehow ? Ultrasound maybe ?
soak it in a degreaser over night then clean thoroughly then spray with WD40
A penetrating oil which contains graphite would be a good help. If you can get one of the blades open, wrap a cloth around it to protect your hand & work it back & forth & a bit of sideways pressure to let the graphite into the joint. Repeat on all blades; User Recommendation

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How Do You Improve The Working Of A Swiss Army Penknife?

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