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Water Pressure

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Bazile | 18:34 Sat 12th Nov 2022 | Science
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How can sea creatures withstand the enormous pressures deep in the oceans


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the pressure inside them is the same as the pressure outside
A very tough outer layer & a high inside body pressure?
They are created there and live there. Many can't cope with the reduced pressure if they are brought up to the surface
But what about the ones who don't live permanently at depth but frequently deep dive.
It's basic biology innit, swim bladders, pressure equalisation, controlled breathing.

None of the above would have developed if whales could hold a screwdriver or learn to write though.
Isn't it something to do with their composition being mostly water anyway?

I'm sure there are tiny creatures living deep in the Mariana Trench and even in the Challenger Deep.

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Water Pressure

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