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Good News - Quantum Chemistry!

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Khandro | 18:34 Mon 05th Dec 2022 | Science
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The good news is that my grandson Max has just phoned to say he has been awarded a first for his MA at Munich (a top-class university of Germany). My problem is, after rejoicing, I really don't know what it is !!
Wikipedia says;

'Quantum chemistry is a branch of chemistry whose primary focus is the application of quantum mechanics in physical models and experiments of chemical systems. It is also called molecular quantum mechanics.'




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Well done max! That sounds like very hard work
It's basically a specialist form of applied maths (as, indeed, is much of science). Click 'Description' and 'Table of Contents' here to get a rough idea of what it is that your grandson has been studying:;lang=en&#
very well done
only pointy headed brain boxes do this sort of stuff
Well done, Max :-)
Well done him!
// awarded a first for his MA at Munich //

It would seem the grading system for a Masters in Germany is different to that here in England and Wales.

MAs are awarded Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail.

Anyway, well done to your grandson Max!
"pointy headed brain boxes" eh?
Well, my degree is in "Molecular Sciences". So there!
Khandro; Is there a spiritual aspect to all this science?
// "pointy headed brain boxes" eh?
Well, my degree is in "Molecular Sciences". So there! //
"Molecular Sciences" ? I've been told that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff.
My son did a PhD. I asked what it was about.
He gave me a very simplified description, and I still had no idea.
If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.

(Richard Feynman)
I always thought I didn't understand it, so therefore that must mean...
A future Max Planck - or is he going to go and work for Max Factor?
Congratulations on your grandsons achievements! My son is doing a module on quantum computers at uni and after a couple of minutes Trying to explain what it was he lost me off, then again he lost me off with GCSE level MATHS
Well done Max, you must be proud of him Khandro in spite of the gobbledegook.
Question Author
Thank you all on his behalf. Max is very modest, but it does occur to me that he along with the rest of his cohort have had to work under the added difficulties forced on them by covid, which has meant over much of his studies being confined to having to work remotely with his tutors.

I asked him what next & he says he thinks he might apply to study at Cambridge England. He's equally fluent in German & English

I have two grandsons, the other, Tom, I love just as much is in prison just about to be released .............. drug offences. So it goes !

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Good News - Quantum Chemistry!

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