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Can Covid Be Cured By Blowing Hot Air Up Your Nose Using A Hairdryer?

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Hymie | 15:42 Thu 02nd Nov 2023 | Science
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It would be crazy to dismiss the idea without testing it.  I'm sure the bleach solution promoted by Trump wasn't dismissed until it was tested

Question Author

I wonder who the unlucky soul was, who got injected with bleach and died?

Sandy, you really should listen to what he said and the context  instead of hearing what you wanted him to say.

Clearly you have never been in a 'Blue sky thinking' or 'Out the box' meeting.  All ideas are lobbed in, no idea is too stupid/daft the idea being although that ide is a non starter it prompts others to think wider.

Hymie, try staying off Youtube.

Hymie. Only if it is the same brand as Boris's hair dryer lol🤣🤣🤣.

How can scruffy Phil call anyone an idiot?


He can't even wear a T-Shirt correctly.

SpiegelHalter - Beeb sounds - crazy things they say in the Cabinet Room

first to publicise the idea - - a manoueuvre doesnt work then there is very little point in discussing the absolute chaos attending it.


There is more hot air coming from Royfromaus than any brand of hair dryer.🤣

Question Author

If my mate Phil is to be believed, Johnson had to be told that not everyone actually lives in a mansion.

// my mate Phil //

do you get kickbacks from Phil every time you post these?

There's only you that listens to him.

I look to see if he has managed to smarten himself up since the last vid...the answer is always Nope!

Sticking a hair dryer up ones nose to cure covid is no dafter than sticking a hair dryer in a tin can. That if you care to remember led to the hovercraft.

17.08 says it all about your mate Phil, hymie.  Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself?

-- answer removed --

Can being infected with the EUSSR virus be cured by blowing hot air up you're arris? 

So hymie's goto youtube political  influecer phil mocks Boris for asking about a claim he'd seen on youtube.

Isn't it ironic...

I assume it was just part of a brainstorming session that certain individual(s) now make known for their own purpose.

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Can Covid Be Cured By Blowing Hot Air Up Your Nose Using A Hairdryer?

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