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Are We Going To Achieve Reverse Aging Soon?

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fireblood88 | 10:01 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | Science
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How likely is it for us to achieve reverse aging soon and will we be able to live longer or even forever if we do?



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I always wanted to live forever - so far, so good! 
12:02 Wed 06th Mar 2024

Sooner for men I suspect, women take longer to master reversing.

gawd I hope not. There's enough people as it is without them living longer.

Before we can reverse it we need to learn how to stop it... One step at a time.  Even the idea of slowing the ageing process has barely been touched on,  although as it is likely to involve a very restricted diet and avoiding  a large number of environmental factors e.g Pollution, ultra violet radiation, as well as excessive stress, it may mean a longer life that is no blooming fun....It would also need to involve artificial population control if available to all but in real terms it is likely to be something only the very wealthy could do. 

There is a millionaire guy in the USA who is trying to do this. He excercises for hours a day and lives on a very restricted vegan diet. Yes he looks younger than his years and medically is about 20 years younger but I guess it's something he will have to keep up or nature will take its course.

09:32 he may live longer but gawd I bet he's miserable!

When he runs out of money he'll wizen back up 😂😂😂


Bryan Johnson, 46, a US billionaire, spends a million a year on staying young / looking young. Looks like a waxwork dummy.


I would love us to be able to reverse the physical effects of ageing - the associated ailments and the wrinkles - but it would be impractical to live forever.

He's reported as not giving Tussauds what anyone thinks.

'Methus′lah Lived Nine Hundred Years,
Methus'lah Lived Nine Hundred Years,
 But Who Calls Dat Livin'
When No Gal′ll Give In
To No Man What's Nine Hundred Years?'

 George Gershwin  😄


Reading that article above, he's just become a cash cow for the quacks.

"So much so that he is on the path to spending over $2 million this year alone on a host of medical interventions and tests aimed at helping him be younger. They range from electromagnetic pulses to improve the muscles in his pelvic floor to a device calculating the number of erections he has per night...." - I don't see how he's going to stand up to that.

It's a hard one right enough, Tora.

These shopping channels,  'CVQ' for example ,  have got the products for reversing the ageing process -  so they keep telling us 


and after all that expense, he still might get run over by a bus.

Can you die of boredom?

Don't hold your breath.

I always wanted to live forever - so far, so good! 

it would be nice to live longer,if your health is good point living in pain

The movie "The Man From Earth" discussed what life would be like living for 14,000 years. It is very thought provoking.

The story was written by Jerome Bixby who was a screen writer for some original Star Trek episodes.

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Are We Going To Achieve Reverse Aging Soon?

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