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false an dtrue statements

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bartholomew | 09:11 Mon 05th Nov 2007 | Science
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hi guys

I have problems with logical thinking.

For example:

Statement A:
The boys had picked on Malcolm in the woods.

Statement B:
The boys had NOT picked on Malcolm in the woods

Statement C:
The boys had picked on Malcolm after school.


1. Statement A is true. Which statement is false? B or B and C?

In other words if a statement is true how do you change this statement into a false statement?



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It's not just logical thinking, but a good understanding of the use of English language.
If they had picked on Malcolm in the woods then statement B must be incorrect as it contains a "negative" but uses the same words as "A".
Now "C" may be true because they picked on Malcolm in the woods but we don't know what time of day it took place. It MAY have been after school and in the woods. So you can only say with complete accuracy that "B" is false. "C" could be true but there is insufficient facts to rule one way or the other.
I just hope I never get you on a jury, bartholomew :-)
I just hope I never need him on a jury, rojash <"?
A is true
B is false
C is dont know

There is nothinng wrong with you logic butyou are mixing it a bit. You have grasped propositional logic

see A and ~A = B

then you introduce C and wonder how it is related to A, when it isnt.

wiki propositional logic, first order logic and second order logic
and then read Copi Copeland or
Boolos and Jeffrey COmputabliityand Logic.

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false an dtrue statements

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