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Environmental Science brain buster

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wnwood88 | 02:26 Thu 21st Feb 2008 | Science
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After passing over Nassau in the Bahamas, headed north, Amelia notes that it is noon, local time and that the shadow of her aircraft is preceding her across the waters at an angular distance of about 25 degrees. It must be the start of which season?


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The angular tilt of the Earth's axis varies between 22 to 24.5 degrees. The Bahamas are north of the equator, aviatrix Amelia is going north so the Sun, at high noon, is in back of her, making the season the beginning of winter or very near the winter solstice of the Sun's maximum southern declination... (Now, if I could just devise, by logic, why Amelia is going north in the middle of the Atlantic ocean...maybe she's left Nassau going to Marsh Harbor...)
Nassau is 25 degrees north of the equator. It is noon, the sun is at its highest and the aircraft is travelling north.

Geometry says that if the airfcaft's shadow precedes it by 25 degrees then the sun is over the equator ... it is March 21st or September 21st.

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Environmental Science brain buster

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