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Latitude/Longitude question

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wnwood88 | 02:33 Thu 21st Feb 2008 | Science
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It is the middle of winter when Amelia lands her lighter-than-air flying machine and leaves it at the airport for routine maintenance. It is a clear day and she takes a taxi into the city. Downtown, near her hotel, the taxi passes a bank with a digital readout outside that informs her it is 1:13 PM or 13:13 on the 24-hour clock and that the present temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0* Centigrade. That night when she wakes up and looks our her hotel window at the same digital sign, it tells her it is 2:03 AM or 2:03 on the 24-hour clock and that the temperature is -30 degrees Fahrenheit or -34 degrees C. In which city is Amelia most likely situated?


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So, our adventuresome Amelia is piloting a gas bag filled with lighter than air gas... probably helium, since hydrogen (al la Hindenberg) is dangerously flammable. Doing this in mid-winter is fool hardy, but Amelia has challenged the climate. So, she wants an area free of high winds, since the dirigible is notoriously hard to handle in even moderate winds. Additionally, the temperatures at her stopover point vary by nearly 60 degrees between day and night time. This, in the U.S. at least, would require, in my aviation experience, a city in a mountain valley with stable air and little wind, but one that cools dramatically after sunset. I can think of a couple of candidates...Missoula, Montana for one, with Boise, Idaho a close second, with Jackson Hole, Wyoming also a consideration. Any farther west than that and the temperature do not fluctuate that dramatically. Calgary, Alberta, in Canada also comes to mind...

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Latitude/Longitude question

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