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Christmas Tunes...

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Lie-in King | 17:03 Thu 24th Dec 2020 | Christmas
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I'll start with my fave -



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That's my absolute favourite as well
One that Eleanor posted a few years ago that is sweet and great for little ones.

Hi Maj, a Happy Christmas to you and to all ♥

A more up to date one here.

A Winter's Tale by David Essex - can't do the link sorry

It ain't Christmas without a bit of Steeleye Spam
Thank you Mamya. Could you please do Christmas Lights by Coldplay too x. Wishing everyone the best Christmas possible, keep well x

I concur with Shane and Kirsty. It's never grown old.

Also, this.

Barenaked Ladies.
Christmastime Oh yeah

I'm a big fan of BNL Patsy, but I must've missed that one. It's rather lovely isn't it?
Thanks again
You're welcome x

Mozz, only knew of it today! It different., but lovely!
I like a lot of their music too.
I like the Greg Lake and Chris de Burgh ones.
Can anybody do me A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris De Burgh ? TIA x

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Christmas Tunes...

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