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The first article about trees must be American. How do we know in UK what is the first weekend after thanksgiving? The article on organising the office christmas party is way too late to be helpful. The article on doing your christmas shopping abroad is also rather late. The last article on christmas shopping doesnt tell you very much at all. I would say that these articles are not worth printing. I never read any of the articles on the first page now, but then maybe others do?
But apart from that, I think grasscarp liked them :-)
I wasted my time reading these and saying what I thought as you have stuck them up anyway. The party one starts it is never too early to start, and it is essential to plan well in advance etc etc.
So you put this on the site with two weeks to go. Brilliant!!!!
Isn't it this time of year you are visited by three ghosts? ;-)
I think there is not a ghost of a chance that the Ed cares what we think. People come on here to ask questions and get answers or to answer questions. Nobody comes on here to "read articles". Why bother to put them on the first page at all? The first page would be better devoted to advice on how to search for answers and other etiquette such as how to layout crossword clues, thank those that answer etc.

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