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Dressing for a formal afternoon tea

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peachybabe | 10:59 Sat 19th Sep 2009 | Fashion
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Some friends are taking me out for afternoon tea at the Ritz. The problem is that I don't know what to wear. They are an old couple who keep telling me to get my "posh frock" out, but there are a number of problems with that. Firstly I don't own any dresses. I've never been particularly comfortable wearing them, and tend to go for trousers. But to please them, I am prepared to feel uncomfortable for an afternoon. Then comes the next problem. I have looked at hundreds of dresses both in shops and on the web but can't find anything I think is suitable. The biggest problem that I have is to find one with quite a high neckline, and not the plunging necklines that seem to be everywhere these days. Two years ago I had a double mastectomy with no reconstruction, so low necklines are out of the question. I am also a size 22. I have tried looking for a plain black or grey shift dress (Audrey Hepburn style) which I think would suit me and would not be too off the wall. But I can't seem to find such a thing. I'm REALLY stuck!!! is there anyone out there who can offer me some advice? Would smart trousers and elegant top be acceptable (probably in black). HELP!!!


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