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Black satin bustier dress

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tamirra | 17:07 Fri 23rd Oct 2009 | Fashion
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Hello, im looking to buy a satin black bustier dress for christmas but dont want to break the bank by doing so, has anyone seen any reasonably priced ones, ive looked at ebay but with clothing its a bit difficult to know what size without trying it on, so not interested in that. Any help appreciated. Thank you


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Tamirra - You really should check out chelsea-michele's shop on ebay. She makes bustiers and skirts and the quality is better than anything you can find it the shops. I bought a top for my GF but was worried about getting the size right. Rather than buying a ready made top I just gave chelsea-michele my GF's size. What was delivered a week later was perfect and it only cost me twenty quid!

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Black satin bustier dress

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