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New PINK motorola V3

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Betty Boop x | 14:12 Mon 31st Oct 2005 | Shopping & Style
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I want this phone so much, but i am in a dilemma!

I wanted a new phone for ages, but i love pink and desperatly wanted a pink phone, i searched on the internet to try and find out if a pink phone was coming out soon but eventually gave up and went out and bought the Samsung D500 on contract.

I bought the phone in September and like it but now I am desperate for this new pink motorola. I know you can get it free on contract from tomorrow on the very same contract that i have only just got with O2.

I can't believe i was so impatient and now my dream phone is available for free.

It is limited edition and i need it!

N e advice on what i can do? or will i just have to keep this phone till my contract runs out? but by this time the pink phone won't be available. I know i could pay for it but when i could get it for free i may as well try to.

If someone was looking for a new phone, i would happily give them my current phone ( as i got it for free) and swap the contract over to their name, but is this possible or does it HAVE to be me continuing the payments? As I wouldn't actually be cancelling the contract, someone else would be making the payments.

Basically is there any way around this so i can go out and get a new contract and get the phone for free without having to have two contracts????

I know this sounds stupid but i really want this new pink phone!

thanx for any advice




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you need a very good friend who wants a contract phone to take the contract out for the pink phone. then you just swap sim cards!!
sorry! you swap PHONES and keep your sim card.
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I was thinking it would have to be something like that.

I am racking my brain trying to think of someone who doesnt already have a contract but would be willing to get one. But also someone who would rather have my D500 than this new pink phone!

I can not believe i was so impatient in getting a new phone, i have wanted a pink phone for SOOOOOOOO long and i only would have needed to wait a couple more months and I could have had this pink one for FREE! it is like my dream come true, but now i'm stuck!

I am so frustrated it's untrue! i have to have it!

Thanx for your advice, i think some begging is in order!


i wan t to be a subcribe to this thread

maybe you can try buy the pink V3 on ebay with pay as you go top up and then wait until the contract ends on your current phone then start using the V3
keep your phone shut up and live with it

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New PINK motorola V3

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