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Loss Pervention System Records

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nomorecars2020 | 00:18 Tue 08th May 2018 | Shopping & Style
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I have an important question...

Will I be denied a job at an LP firm if I was approached by an LP for shop lifting under $80 of merchandise from 2+ years ago? I'm young and was going through a phase. They accused me of stealing 6 months prior but I refused to take credit for it. However, I did steal up for $80 of merchandise I fully admitted to ( I took them recently at the time)

I walked out with something $60 at a late shift. It was an accident and I walked out wearing it. I was surrounded by employees and no one said a thing. (The next day was the day I was approached by management and an LP). The other item was a $10+ coupon i found on a counter. It was there for hours so I took it. (That was on the same day of the day they approached me)

They insisted I took more items 6 months prior but I denied it and I didn't sign the paper they had with them because of that. I also didn't fight being fired because of the Items i admitted to..I felt they had enough to fire me from those two items. It was a petty mistake and now I'm looking for work. I have an interview soon.

Will they find that mishap from two years ago even though i wasn't fined and I didn't sign the papers I gave them?

Should I come clean during the interview?

Should I proceed with the interview without saying anything and risk future discovery?

I'm a hard worker and I have not done anything like this since..I'm a student and I'm focused on growing my career.


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Loss Pervention System Records

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