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Detergent Pods

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Jessie247 | 17:44 Sat 30th Jun 2018 | Shopping & Style
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My mother who is 97 and nearly blind, uses Persil pods. I bought her the pods with fabric softener in as she was finding it hard to pour the conditioner into the drawer. She has decided that the wash now feels a bit slimy and she doesn't want to use the pods with conditioner again. Can anyone recommend a detergent in pod form that doesn't contain conditioner? Many thanks.


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I haven't used fabric softener for years and have never missed it. I use Ariel pods and my washing is fine.
It looks like Fairy non-bio do not contain fabric conditioner. Most shops stock them.
I've always had problems with using pods. The casing doesn't fully melt and I've been left with slime on some of my clothes.
Persil do a range of washing machine tablets which you place in the tub

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Detergent Pods

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