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Lie-in King | 15:53 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Shopping & Style
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...for Tesco. My delivery arrived 5 minutes earlier than scheduled & the driver was superb. He brought everything to my front door with a smile & I brought it all inside. I think the driver was secretly happy to wait for me to bring the crates back to the door, gave him a short rest.

I went as fast as I could, but nothing was bagged - the email that said it would be only went out this morning, probably too late for today's slots.

The only things unavailable were tissues, paracetamols, tinned tomatoes & rice - allowing for a few perfectly acceptable swaps, I got everything I ordered.

Well done Tesco, thank you :-)


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Very good I have a delivery turning up on Tuesday
Hope you're OK L-iK I've been thinking about you. X
Yes, same for us yesterday evening and then my mum today. 90% of what we ordered or reasonable substitutes.
A good result there, well done to Tesco and all those keeping us going.
Question Author
Margo - thank you, I'm fine & hope you & yours are too :-) x

The supermarkets are doing an incredible job for the country & I think they adapted their practices as quickly & fairly as was possible, given the frightening speed of the spread of the virus & the sometimes questionable behaviour of some of the buying public.

To all AB'ers - stay well :-)
And a huge Well Done to Waitrose too. Having not been able to get anywhere with any if the big supermarkets I rang Waitrose and asked them if they were doing anything for the elderly.
After a day or two they got a route sorted of people like me - they took my order over the phone. Everything was delivered promptly and cheerfully plus a bunch of flowers and a free cool bag. I couldn't thank them enough. I thought they were brilliant.
Question Author
Nice one, Rosie :-)
That's fabulous Rosie, well done to them.
We're all fine thanks. We went to Morrisons ( our usual haunt) for a few essentials. They had the new queuing system in place and only let a few people in at a time, which worked well. I said thank you to all the hard working assistants I saw, they looked quite amazed that someone had bothered, but I think they are doing a sterling job in difficult circumstances.
//A good result there, well done to Tesco and all those keeping us going.//

If we had to rely on the delivery services of Tesco's (and others) to keep us going Mrs NJ and I would be dead by now. There have been no delivery slots available since I started trying about ten days ago for Tesco, ASDA or Sainsbury's. I've tried to get a slot immediately after midnight (as the new day is added) and I've tried in the early hours. There are no delivery slots and no Click & Collect slots available either. I'm afraid if the government wants us to pay fewer visits to the shops they will have to implement a system that the supermarkets seem unable to do. And there's little chance of that.
I had my usual fortnightly delivery on the 19th March, I went straight online after the driver left and the next slot available was the 13th April.

No one is saying it's easy to get a slot, just happy when it goes as well as this one has.

I can't get out so will be availing myself of help offered by family and neighbours soon.
I went to do my weekly shop this afternoon, and I was dreading it. It turned out to be the best food shopping experience I've had. There was quite a queue to get it, but it looked worse than it was as everyone was placed 2m apart. As you walked in, a assistant sanitised the trolley handle (though I had already done it), there were only a few people allowed in the shop at the same time so aisles were not heaving and the only things I couldn't get were flour, yeast, tinned toms and kitchen roll. I'll get them tomorrow down the Turkish.

Happy days - well done Tesco
Went online to try Tesco as Sainsbury wouldn't process my order but can't get a delivery slot until mid April.
Well I suppose they can't please everone can they.
Hi everyone I placed an order with Tesco online (my first time) and am not sure that I have to 'checkout' each time I 'make changes' I must have checked out over 7 times now, each time being given a new total price and continued to the Lloyds bank site to agree the debit. I then get a confirmation email from Tesco confirming the new order/price. Should I have waited to checkout just the once on the day before delivery? I am a Tesco online Virgin ! ;)

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