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Tesco And Sainsbury Delivery Slots

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Rosie29 | 10:35 Fri 22nd May 2020 | Shopping & Style
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When the diary slots are shown some have got a price in them - ranging maybe from £2 to £7.
Does this mean that the slot is available?
And does it mean that that particular price is the delivery charge ?
Or is it a supplement to be added to the basic delivery charge ?
Thank you. It's one of my many gormless days.


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That is the delivery charge for that time slot, popular times usually cost more than less attractive time slots.
Yes -for Sainsbury's anyway. If it has a price -even £0 that slot is available at the price shown. If there is a green van next to the slot it is usually either free or cheap.
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Thank you very much x
APG, a green van slot means that its an ecologically friendly slot, usually because they are already delivering in your area. It has nothing to do with the price. If its a popular time it may be among the most expensive even though it might be one that is best for the environment.
Woofgang. I get my deliveries every week from Sainsbury's. I know for a fact that if there is a green van next to the price it is cheaper. Its cheaper for our area at least because we are 9 miles from the nearest store, up in the boonies, so if the van is coming out here then yes, more than one delivery reduces the carbon footprint but also uses less fuel. I get my deliveries between 19.00 -20.00 on a Friday. It usually costs me about £5 but last week the green van icon was on the slot and it cost me £3, same time same day.
Tesco just have 'booked' or 'available' with an amount. I pay monthly so don't really pay heed to the amounts.

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Tesco And Sainsbury Delivery Slots

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