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Thanks, I still prefer the last one
17:12 Wed 07th Jun 2023
The first one wouldn't open for me, out of the others I prefer the last one
Question Author
Thanks, I still prefer the last one
Question Author
Thank you
I prefer the last one also.
last one, but if the temperature there is anything like here you'll need a jumper over any of them!
Add me to the people who prefer the last one.
For a concert you need something easy to wear and the third image is the one.
The third one looks like a home made top made out of a table cloth. The second one not suitable for a concert, first one no idea it would not open.
Sorry saw you second link, yes the denim but with a T underneath, something sparkly and some chunky jewelry
Question Author
I re posted the link above when I commented
Yes the second one I would go for just sparkle it up a bit
No 3 for me too.
Harry Styles is not doing U.K. until the autumn so you may need a coat.
^^ He's just been in Edinburgh and doing Londonn and Cardiff this month.
Where will you be going to see the concert and when?
This might determine more what would be suitable to wear.

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Which Top Should I Wear To Harry Styles Concert?

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