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Whichever one YOU like best.
One day Abbey. I truly hope you can make a decision for yourself.
That might be a bit expensive for Abbey. Rimmel do similar colours.
^that to 07.48.
So you've decided what Abbey can afford Naomi?
Not at all. You've missed the word 'might'.
Question Author

I'm wearing this outfit on the weekend so one that will go best with it
Bright blue, maybe high gloss black, or vixen red?
Hmm so many choices.
What do you think Abbey?
Are you seriously going to wear that outfit?

You are wearing that to the golf place ? Never !
Question Author
No for a night out Sunday
Abbey no offence but the outfit is a bit ‘tarty’ I’m sure you have others for a night out, is it to a pub or a club?
Abbey, it looks cheap and sl.u.tty and you'll never meet a decent man dressed like that.

Sorry, but it needs to be said.
Wind up
Yes I am beginning to think wind up as well. However Abbey, £2 in Poundland, the little square bottles of varnish, as good as any expensive ones. Try a classy dark red. And not the tarty top.
I do like the colour of the last one though.
Just remember a chip in dark polish is more visible if you are not able to do a touch up.
God Abbey, the top is dreadful, something Katie price might wear, you can do better than that, and you are worth better than the men it will attract.

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