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Heavy Crystal Brandy Glass

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-SharonA- | 14:18 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | Shopping & Style
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I am looking to buy a heavy crystal brandy glass. Can anyone recommend one. I bought one ages ago and it was featherlight which I don't want.

Price (gulp) is no object.



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Often seen in splendid condition in charity shops, sometimes still boxed if you are not in a rush.

Otherwise look at Waterford, James Pirie, Royal Brierley.  This is the sort of thing Debenham and House of Fraser were good for. 


Lalique, whitefriars

I think I might buy at auction...

Several on e-Bay,  Sharon.  You've probably already checked.

Funny I love brandy but although I have 2 sets of brandy glasses, one personalised, I actually think they are terrible for drinking brandy from. I tend to use small chrystal sherry glasses, like these:


Quite a choice on Amazon also.

All five at once, like shots?😁

Have a look at the John Lewis website.

Be warned, you might need a brandy when you see some of the prices.

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Heavy Crystal Brandy Glass

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