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Are you wanting something for a special occasion?

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Beajolious day 

Is that on a day you don't work?

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Yes I'm off now

Again, you are giving us mixed messages, Abbey. By choosing Pasta's advice as best answer on your original "Beaujolais day" thread that said you should not go as you may not have a good time and it would be a waste of money, you made us think you were not in fact going out. 

Has anything changed? Are there more friends now going out? Or is it still just you and the person you called a 'loose cannon'?


Is that tomorrow?  Is it an all day affair?  Maybe the 3rd one.

Why are you going if you don't like her?

Unkeen on the bin bag. The blue one is difficult to judge as it isn't being worn. So that leaves the first one, which is ok.

Which outfit?  Which nails?  Which job?  Which man? 


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Which Outfit?

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