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Whatever you feel comfortable in. You make the decision, Abbey.

Which aunty, your Mum or Dad's sister?

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Any cousins?

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Are you close to your aunty, abbey?

Pyjamas then.

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If you are close to her, abbey, do you confide in her?

Wasn't there a TV programme with a 'Yes/No' interlude? ;0))

Abbey, grasp life by the horns and make some of the everyday decisions by yourself. You could find it liberating! PS Advice from others is often good, but you seem to be passing every decision through AB.

You're getting silly now Abbey, turning yourself into a vegetable unable to function without external approval. You need to address this urgently, with professional support if necessary.


Either that, or you're spoofing us for your own entertainment.

This is definitely getting a bit much now.  

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Doesn't matter 

Have. They gone in a huff .?

Abbey at're right.

If Abbey wants to ask for advice or opinions, she is more than welcome to do so.  

If you don't agree, you're not forced to contribute.

And by the same token one is not compelled to engage.

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