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Which One Saturday?

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abbeylee90 | 17:52 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I've already got these outfits and sold loads of mine on vinted and going to bottomless brunch Saturday from 12-2 and looking for outfit




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Do you dislike any of them? If not, just pick any.

The first one would be my choice.

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Not ott?

I am afraid I don't like any of them.

do you have anything classic in design?

Sorry, but I'm not keen on any of them, Abbey.  What does your Mum think ...   do you ever ask her opinion?

I like the red dress.  If it's not too low cut - I can't tell - it's very stylish.

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That to low cut?

Maybe a little bit for daywear.  Do you dress up for these brunch things or is it casual?

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Depends really 

Depends on what?

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What my friends wear and what kind of place it's in

Abbey, whatever one ISN'T an animal print...

Is everything a take on animal print?

Only you can know that, abbey.  Which one do you think is most suitable?  

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I'm seeing what my friend wears 

I like the one in the upper left corner...I've not seen that one before. All the animal prints look the same after a while.

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something conservative, I would say....

Red or pink with jeans.  

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Have to choose something else as was meant to get cherry jumpsuit and they've sent me wrong item

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