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Google 'Shopping' Tab

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Old_Geezer | 17:26 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Anyone else find it no longer exists ?

Or know why it has been removed ?


I tried a web search, someone suggested it was now called 'products' but that can't be right as there is no 'products' tab either.


Is Google trying to get everyone to favour a different search engine ? Have they decided only to show those that pay them to be sponsored ?



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I just tried a random search and Google presented me with the 'Shopping' tab as usual:
(You might need to click on the image to make it viewable).

I suspect that Google only recognises certain sites as being major retailers (and/or their sponsors).  So if results from, say, Amazon and eBay come up, you'll be presented with the 'Shopping' tab toview them.  However if, say, the only results are from, and similar, it just sees those pages as mentioning what you're looking for, rather than actually offering it for sale.  So you won't then get a 'Shopping' tab.

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Cheers, but it isn't the same for me. Even something obvious where the sponsored row shows Amazon etc. still doesn't show a shopping tab.


Although the latest attempt to search for a common spice does show a 'products' tab on the tablet.

Oh ! Just tried the mobile, it shows a 'shopping' tab for that same item !!!!????

I retried the search I really wanted, the tablet is now deciding to show the 'product' tab when it wasn't earlier, but the mobile has gone back to hiding 'shopping' and still not showing 'products'. 


This is ridiculous. What are they up to.


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{Sigh} Even the 'products' tab is just being awkward. I checked it's list to find not one item to be what was searched for. In exasperation I put the important phrase within speech marks and simply got the same list missing any reference to the search item. I think they must be having a laugh. Perhaps like you suggested Chris, if one really needs to search because it's not an eadily found staple perhaps they just can't be bothered to provide the information.

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Google has removed the shopping tab, but it is still possible to use it, you just need to go using the link.

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Google 'Shopping' Tab

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