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A Perfect Gift For A Steam Train Enthusiast?

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wolf63 | 22:52 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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This isn't really an advert, more of a " did you know that such a thing existed" post.




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£20 for a sniff of Yorkshire Lass ! I could get that for free down the local pub when I was a lot younger. πŸ˜™

Thanks, Susan, but I'd rather have the best smell in the world πŸΆ

this is what you need to block out the aroma of a steam train

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Jno, is that the fruit that smells toxic?

Dusty, I knew someone would comment about that.πŸ˜‚

Chris, you reminded me to put Gregg's sausage rolls on my Iceland shopping list😁

that's the one, wolf. Satan banned them  from Hell.

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A Perfect Gift For A Steam Train Enthusiast?

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