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Which One For Tomorrow

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abbeylee90 | 20:13 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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For works do as not sure if I'll be under or overdressed never been out with work





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Will you be going back to work at the laundry on Tuesday? Or are you quitting to work at Selco? 

Question Author

I've gone to selco 

I would go with jeans the black and white top and a colourful jacket 

But you are still going to work do for the laundry? Is that right?

Whichever you feel most comfortable wearing. Depends, too, where you are going.


agree with Moorea7

which do you like?

Will laundry staff know on the works do that you won't be going back to the laundry ever again? Have you already handed notice in with laundry?

Question Author

It with selco 

Abbey, do you mean the Works "Do" is with Selco staff?  I thought you previously said it was with Laundry staff?  Btw how did the date go today?

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Sorry with selco. Like I said another personalty amazing looks I don't like beard and eyebrow piercing 

Abbey, I'm confused. Is this for your interview with Selco?

I know it can't be for a works do with them as you don't work there.

I don't like men with beard or eyebrow piercings either, but that's by the way.

I'd go with the black & white top and the pink trousers; they'll look good together. If you have a pink jacket it would be great, but otherwise black would do - or no jacket, of course.

Question Author

I'm on a 2 week trial on checkout.

Yes but amazing personality very confident.

Question Author

We still talking but I'm still open if I like someone else 

Sorry Abbey, I didn't realise you were on a 2 week trial at Selco. How is it going?

Have you officially left the laundry?

I am confused. 

IT seems pretty simple to me smurf: abbey is asking which outfit would be bettr for a       works do

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Which One For Tomorrow

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