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Which Dress For Date Night

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abbeylee90 | 16:49 Sat 06th Apr 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Going to botanist and drinks if we get on next week



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Also do I put tan on my legs or wear tights?

I have to say that those models' photos have probably been photoshopped to make them appear thinner. Abbey,your photos do not look tarty and they are looking genuine , so well done.

Wear whatever mood you are in.





My personal opinion only, but I don't like fake tan and prefer tights, especially in a fancy restaurant

Question Author

Tights with pink one or leave them bear with black 

Just to be clear, I think the dresses look tarty. It was not a comment aimed at Abbey, as I commented before she posted pictures of herself wearing the dresses.

Jo, I understood 😀

I am not keen on the bare midriff and, with or without tights, it might not be easy to obtain a smart look without trying to adjust it every so often 😀



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Date went really well

Good .

Out of interest, ask him to describe what you were wearing and see if he noticed?

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He did and complimented ne

I would hope so...that's standard. But you'd  look equally nice I'm any if your many similar outfits. I doubt he remembers exactly which one. I think you're worrying to much about what to wear. Personality, conversation, general looks and chemistry between you are much more important than colour of outfit or pattern of fabric or length of nails or slightly curly or straight.

Well done though. It worked out well.

Did we influence your final choice of outfit?

Has he arranged another date?

Should read in any of  not I'm any if

Question Author

Yes he said he loved my pink dress and hair.

I've spoken to him today and said he will be in touch regarding whe  we can go on 2nd date when he got his rota.

Sounds promising, Abbey.  Are you willing to tell us a little more about him - height, personality, looks, dress, etc. etc. but only if you want to. x

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Funny,talkative,taller than me by abit, very sweet aswell and quite handsome 

I'm turning green with envy - sounds like my type of man x
Maybe he has an older brother???

Question Author

He doesn't 

Question Author

Wants to meet Wednesday 

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Which Dress For Date Night

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