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Are you less likely to shop online following TK Maxx debacle?

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AB Editor | 01:00 Wed 02nd May 2007 | Shopping & Style
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After 45.7 million credit card details were stolen from TK Maxx and called internet security into question, are you less likely to shop online?

  • No, the internet is no less safe than giving your details to a high street shop. I'll still buy products off the internet regardless. - 282 votes
  • 38%
  • I will now only shop online if I absolutely trust the company. I don't want my details getting into the wrong hands. - 204 votes
  • 28%
  • It is just a one-off with TK Maxx, so I will still shop online. But it will make me think twice when using some online shops. - 161 votes
  • 22%
  • Yes, I've lost faith with internet security. If even the multi-national firms can't keep credit card details safe, then no online shops can be trusted. - 88 votes
  • 12%

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Are you less likely to shop online following TK Maxx debacle?

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