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Holiday Beauty Essentials: Destination Gorgeous

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

If you’re jet setting off to warmer climates you will need to stock up on beauty beach essentials - and we’re not just talking sun tan lotion. Look fresh and fabulous on holiday with the best products to protect you and keep you looking refreshed. Sun, seawater and chlorine can all be bad for your hair and skin leaving it dry and damaged so remembering to pack those vital products will ensure you look your best all the time.

Travel Essentials:

Up to 80% of UV rays pass right through clouds so the first thing you need to get stocked up with is sun protection products. If you’re into your holiday sports, such as wind surfing you will need a sun tan lotion that is waterproof as well as sun proof. The Lancaster sport range is sweat and water resistant and comes in easy spray cans or tubes, which fit easily into your beach bag.

If you have sensitive skin the last thing you want to do is put perfumed lotion onto your skin. The Simple sun care range is packed full of natural ingredients such as, green tea and sunflower extract. Most importantly it is fragrance free, so isn’t loaded with chemicals and is perfect for sun sensitive skin, so put this product at the top of your holiday list.

Unless you’re planning on spending your summer holiday in the shade you will need to consider an effective form of protection for your hair. The UV filters will keep colour fade at bay while the essential oil-enriched hair lotion also has holding power, so after an energetic frolic in the waves you'll emerge looking fabulous. When out and about shopping for those essential items make sure you look out for hair screen to protect you’re lovely locks.

Suitcase Saviours:

You don’t want to waste suitcase space with products you don’t necessarily need so make sure you just have the necessities. Clinique offer a variety of beauty products for your skin to give it an instant boost of moisture to hydrate the skin, which can be worn over make-up so you can still look your best while protecting your skin from the effects of the sun.

A well known beauty secret is keeping your body hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding too much caffeine or alcohol. Understandably you may want to indulge in some local cocktail treats but by limiting the number and insuring you drink plenty of water will keep you hydrated and refreshed.

If you have packed so many beach outfits you can’t fit in many beauty products you should consider a cream that can be used on the body, hands, feet, lips and face- that way only one product is needed taking up less space. Cocoa butter is great for skin, lips and hair and is guaranteed to keep you looking healthy all holiday.

We girls know that looking our best is imperative so don’t forget to pack long stay foundations and waterproof mascaras to ensure you look as good on the return flight as you did on the arrival flight. A great tip while on holiday is to use make-up products that are water based and contain anti-oxidants.

Abide by these beauty rules and you should have a stress free holiday – and of course look fabulous the whole time.

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