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Question Author
Isn't it great?
I expect gness would appreciate it..
Although I can appreciate the skill, ingenuity and hard work that's gone into them, I don't actually like them.
I haven't had a good look yet, Patsy......I did contribute a big box of hearts for the fund raising.....had a lovely email from the lady organising it....hope they raise lots.....x
Perhaps we could do an answerbank knitted garden complete with eds. It would need troublesome weeds, clinging vines, ....
What a lovely way to remember her Husband - hope they make the target.
How clever, I couldn't do that in a million years, arts and crafts evade me
Question Author
It's a lovely thing she is doing to remember her husband.
I remember you were going to knits red hearts for the fund gness. Well done.
As much as I appreciate it all, I couldn't be doing with all that knitting! Takes some patience I'm sure. Looks so pretty though..
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