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A Rare Australian Bank Note. Help, Please.

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derekpara | 17:55 Mon 11th Jul 2022 | Hobbies & Interests
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I have a rare Australian $10 Polymer bank note which I am considering putting up for sale.

It is in VG uncirculated condition apart from one small corner which is quite sharply creased, but not cracked.
I would appreciate some knowledgeable advice on how to rectify this fault without causing further damage. Many thanks.

Cheers. D


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You could try sandwiching the note between two pieces of butchers' parchment paper and ironing-out the bend. But practice first with other similarly "bent" notes in order to get the right temp. for the iron.
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Thankyou both.
Brian, the note I have is the Australian Aboribine $10 - and quite early, around 1989, I think.
Sanmac. Yes I thought a iron would do the trick with a low temperature and note-protection. I think I'll practice on a UK tenner first !

Cheers. D
You must use the parchment-paper! I've used the method previously on really crumpled and creased newspapers from the '30s and '40s with great success. Now I realize that there is quite a difference between newsprint and polymer material but I wouldn't use anything other than the parchment-paper.
try the filter by year on the left hand side of the link if thats any further help
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Thank you both for further constructive info.


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A Rare Australian Bank Note. Help, Please.

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