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anyone for cake?

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Nummy | 23:20 Thu 14th May 2009 | Hobbies & Interests
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I've recently taken up baking, and i'm thoroughly enjoying it. My problem is what to do with the results!

Currently my work colleagues are benefitting from home-made cookies, etc. I have no family, and all my friends are singles and not really interested in getting batches of cakes or scones, etc.

i kow it sounds odd, but does anyone have any suggestions of what i could do with my baking?


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Definitely! Many churches have coffee mornings these days, and they'd be delighted if you took some of your baked items along.
You could also sell them at a cake stall at a summer fete, or see if a drop-in centre for the homeless'd like them.
See if your local teashop would be interested in buying them from you. Local WI Markets may also be interested.
We'll be havin' a party at the AB Editor's home tomorrow. Everyone bring their own drinks and Nummy will provide the nosh.
When B00 signs in and sees this thread..........your surplus (cyber) cakes will disappear in a flash !! :o)
I was given the heads up on this thread by jack (lord knows how I missed sniffing this one out- but thanks jack, i now owe you one ;-) )

Well apart from the obvious, which is send them my multiple bellies would be eternally grateful! Can you freeze them? You baking spree might become a novelty, and after a while you might not bake as often, this way you have a constant source, so to speak.
ahem boo don't be greedy i need feeding as well........
sorry Mccfluff, but it's survival of the fittest mate. I admit i'm not the fittest, but I'd sure as hell beat anyone to a stash of cakes ;-)
i think this needs to be put to the test.......... first one face down in a pile of choc brownies wins
and that will be me ha ha ha got some on my desk.....
Book a table at a car boot sale and sell them there.
A lot of people are suggesting you sell them but aren't their health and hygiene regulations on that? ie somebody coming out to inspect your kitchen etc?
With summer here and car boots you should do a roaring trade, people are always hungry walking round car boots. Also do you belong to any clubs. I'm sure your cakes would be most welcome with a cup of tea at half time, I know mine are at short mat bowls, table tennis nights.

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anyone for cake?

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