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Spooky Sightings

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AB Editor | 09:13 Wed 02nd Sep 2015 | Society & Culture
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  • I have never seen a ghost and I don't believe in them - 110 votes
  • 42%
  • I have seen something spooky in my house or at someone else's house - 85 votes
  • 32%
  • I have never seen a ghost but I do believe in them - 54 votes
  • 21%
  • I have seen something spooky outside while driving - 9 votes
  • 3%
  • I have been ghost hunting at a place that is said to be haunted - 5 votes
  • 2%

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I am going on a most haunted trip with the telly folk next month to the secret bunker in fife...Tennalady on order !
Before you condemn what people has either seen / heard / felt Canary, if there's any Ghost walks around your area, go on one, there is a regular one in this town of ours, it it carried out by a person called Simon Enthwistle, this tour will change your mind I can assure you.
1 am, the doors locked, the fire and door alarms on, caught on video, something going crash in the pub and the manager going to the vid to find this....
EEK !!
Gosh, DTC!

Canary, it is extremely rude of you to inform me that I am telling lies, or 'twaddle' as you put it. If you cannot accept an absolutely truthful statement of something concrete and witnessed, then I cannot understand how you manage in the world or how you ever develop your understanding of anything. I am not being rude, but expressing complete bafflement.
the South West Spectral Society or whatever they are called picked up on two forms, the way they do it is to send folk in with meters etc and each is not allowed to see the others before they enter and are debriefed.

They picked up on 'Alice and her child' in the main building (known characters) and believe that they have a man too.....
At one pit I worked at I was deployed,much to the amusement of some of the boys,to do the maintence ina substation and pump house in some old workings which I did over two or three days.At the end of the last shift down there the engineer asked me how I'd got on and if anything unusual had happened I replied no after which he told me that some years before a guy had hung himself there and since then there had been all sorts of "Funny"stories about the substation.I just put it down to peoples imagination,working by yourself in old mineworkings is no place tor somebody with a nervous disposition.
^^^ Sorry, Canary, to misquote you, you actually said 'rubbish'. Oh, for an edit facility.
I am with you on that Jourdain. I have seen a ghost. There are those who have not been so fortunate or unfortunate, who like to say what they think about something they know little to nothing about. If you have witnessed it you know what you saw and your story is very interesting.
An interesting theory that came to light here with an ex-wing commander of Culdrose into divining here (water issue at the time, nitrates off the field leaking into the well), he picked up one character and went and exorcised it, not knowing before where in the house it was - even got the position of the bed....

He explained that spectral forms can move up and down lay lines and there's one passing through the house here, the old church altars (80 yards away) sited on the intersection of the black and red ones. The angle that you are to the line how one or two people can see something while others in the room don't.....

Now here's something weird, there are a string of old churches located in a straight line up a principal lay line that passes up through Cornwall from St Michael's Mount, through Devon and on up through to Stonehenge, and then onwards to Norwich Cathedral and out into the North Sea, suggesting that there was another circle or something out there when sea-level was much lower.

Scientifically, one can not pooh-pooh it as there may be energy forms we don't fully know about yet. How, for example, did folk explain electricity pre 19thC - though they could see lightning and Elmo's Fire etc....?
Much in what you say DTC. None of us can even imagine infinity as we have finite minds.

Thanks for replying. The Wikipedia page on "Cowl" is slightly self-contradictory. One line says the hood is only worn prior to taking up their full vows while the general tone of the piece is that they wear such garments all the time, anyway, to keep warm in those, typically draughty, ecclesiatical establishments.

I am not going to attempt to make sense of why an image, *resemblant of a monk* (my emphasis) should attach itself to a random location, such as a terraced house, let alone respect physical boundaries, such as the floor level at the top of the staircase.

Similarly, I don't understand why outdoor ghosts, associated with historic sites, respect the modern day ground levels when, as seen in so many archaeological digs, the ground level of centuries past is however many feet down.

Whatever mysterious physics is involved, it appears to respect the same physical boundaries we are limited to: give or take the (alleged) walking through walls stuff. Why respect the floor surface but not the wall?

I've seen things I can't explain.
Im not sure if I believe in ghosts or not but I would like to see DTC's video but the link isn't working, can anyone repost it please, it seems to take me to face book.


//Scientifically, one can not pooh-pooh it //

Scientifically, one should. If you can't turn observable phenomena into a hypothesis or a set of equations and *make successful predictions* with them, or *do something useful and practical* with them, then it is as woolly as your avatar.

//as there may be energy forms we don't fully know about yet. //

Non-scientists always resort to phrases like "energy forms" when they want to appeal to other non-scientists, who are easily taken in by such figures of speech.

Matter is an energy form, if you accept Einsten's equivalence:- e=mc^2

//How, for example, did folk explain electricity pre 19thC - though they could see lightning and Elmo's Fire etc....? //

Yes, I accept they couldn't explain that but those were phenomena which were *common experience*, on land and at sea. People standing in different positions, can all agree that they just saw a lightning flash, whether it was sheet or fork and, in the latter case, which direction it was.

Your ley-lines assertion is that people stood a few feet apart variously share a sighting or do not. Of course, if there were a lot of glass panels in the vicinity of the witnesses, I would quite understand the sighting discrepancies.

I'm unsure whether a believer/sceptic debate was what AB Editor (fawn, fawn) intended this thread to turn into. Depending on whether you post about ghost in R&S or Science, you will miss out on a chunk of readers who steer clear of one side of the debate or the other.

My interest is chiefly in why ghost phenomena do not make themselves as amenable to scientific testing as they should be, if they represent some genuine, undiscovered aspect of reality. The fact that they are capricious is interesting in and of itself. Inconsistent behaviour is compatible with the attributes of personality.

I can't view DTs link either...would be most grateful if it can be re-posted.
facebook seems to have a problem at the moment - will try after lunch.

As to Hypgnosis, the unknown is that, woolly, that's why the bible 'succeed' in part - in attempting to explain the unexplainable. To dismiss that there isn't other forms out there, then that is from a closed mind. And the proof e-mc2 when there is some hints that there may be matter moving faster than light.....?

As to the Ed's intent, I would have thought that this was right up their street, covering spectral form, evidence and what is it (or plural?).

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