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Just Googled "fox And Owl"

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FinnyMick | 13:20 Tue 15th Aug 2017 | Society & Culture
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What exactly is non binary gender ?

She was "assigned" male at birth, him the opposite.

How does that work then, "it's a boy, no, it's a girl, oh I give up, what the heck is it.


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There's a lot of reading matter out there on these topics and yes if you aren't affected it can be hard to comprehend but spend time to get more info.
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These two oddballs seem to be in if for the money.
Ah, I misunderstood the reason for your post - thought you wanted more information and understanding.
they're just trying to get their message across, not going to get rich doing a few interviews are they?
Question Author
Sorry, after watching their youtube video , prompted by the post on the pair on TV this morning, I was gobsmacked by what they were saying.
The World is full of surprise and wonder isn't it?
Question Author
Being assigned the wrong gender at birth completely confused me.
Who has been assigned the wrong gender?
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I think it is impossible to comprehend how someone else feels about who they are, whether any actual mistakes were made in determining sex at birth or not.
They were assigned a gender at birth by the Midwife, etc. by virtue on the external genitalia they had.
They are saying that they do not ascribe to the view that *that* is the sole determinant of gender...
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I don't understand it as it's alien to how I feel but so is a lot of things.

Not in a place to judge though.
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It would appear they are making a living out of it.
Take a look at the book “Galileo’s Middle Finger". The author is a bit up herself but there is some interesting factual stuff in it about gender assignment.
Learning about things we don't and probably never will fully understand is part of life - but I'm not sure that's really the premise of your thread is it Finny?
///It would appear they are making a living out of it. ///

And why not...?
Exactly...good for them!
XX=Female, XY= Male, end of, more attention seeking weirdos.
Fox and Owl, perlease! Hinge and bracket more like!

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Just Googled "fox And Owl"

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