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This Lefty Stuff ...

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-Talbot- | 15:14 Fri 18th Aug 2017 | Society & Culture
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What is a lefty ... are you a lefty
Who would sit through this?

Are these lefties?


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If she's a lefty I wouldn't like to be righty on the see-saw.
The first thing to establish is that not all left-wingers or Labour voters are lefties. It's a sub-class of the species - latin name : leftiae sanctimonium intolerans.

I don't know about the woman in the vid. Haven't watched it.
Question Author
It's only 49's long, ludwig.

My word - what an objectionable woman - the only thing she appears to prove in the video is that they make lycra with a seriously high breaking strength ...
^^ agree, on both the objectionable and industrial strength lycra.

49 seconds I'll never get back.....
Paypal Me/Ashleigh Shackelford??....What does this mean? People send her money?

Her surname's quite apt......well apart from it originally having been used for a tall thin man..........x
I'm not racist but she could make people racist.

She also needs to look at her wardrobe!
Lefty?? What does this have to do with political affiliation?? Sounds a tad racist to me but then the only nastiness that has been aimed at me is size related.....I have not had to live through problems related to the colour of my skin.
Question Author
I'm talking about the people listening to the racist, mallyj

Are these people lefties?
YMB will be along shortly to clarify. He rarely posts without calling someone a leftie, so one presumes his expertise.
Question Author
Zac, one snag ... I haven't posted this in News.
You reckless Fool! Now we'll never know.
Question Author
Maybe these people attacking this er ... erm Nazi are lefties?

There are more out than in, that's for sure!
OK comment on her politics but do you have to comment on her personally or her dress sense?
They may be - they could all be walking out en masse as she speaks - who knows?

You seem to be looking into provoking an argument that is not actually there Talbot.
great Scott all that meat & no bread, I'm sickened.
Question Author
You're the only poster to mention an argument (again) funny that.
Question Author
Obviously that was to A hughes
She is seriously challenged in several areas, brain being just one.

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This Lefty Stuff ...

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