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Please Be Civil

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AB Editor | 14:29 Thu 21st Jun 2018 | Society & Culture
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Hi all,

The Windrush thread has been deleted today because many of the posts were rude and intolerant. We want The AnswerBank to be a welcoming place that people want to chat in, find answers to questions, and have friendly debate. What must new members think when they see a thread like that?

There is very little friendliness on some of the threads we have had recently about race, religion and so on, and there is a line between allowing people to voice their opinions and allowing people to be outright offensive towards other members or groups of people.

If the editorial team or the moderators feel a post or a member crosses the line, threads may be removed and people may be suspended. It's really not hard to be civil to each other, and decisions made by mods and editors in these matters are not up for discussion.

The AnswerBank will not be a platform for intolerance. By all means, please do have a lively debate. But racism, xenophobia, homophobia and so on will not be tolerated.


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