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How Much Money/budget Is Considered "too Much" When It Comes To Planning A Wedding?

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Nameless14 | 17:40 Tue 11th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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Depends how much you have and what you want. I wouldn't go into debt for a wedding.
That is up to the people concerned, surely?
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Perhaps the pay is good.
£46 for a register office ceremony, £4 for the marriage certificate.

Anything over £50 then.
it depends - do you plan on having Beyoncé there?

You could probably get Geri Halliwell cheaper.
I would say about 10% of your annual net salary would be about right. Having said that we've had bridezilla ( DIL no 1) whose daddy paid nearly 20K for a huge do, and one of my daughters who did it on her own with OH for under 1k including a couple of nights for them in a spa hotel.
Anything more than you can afford without going into debt.
AL having a father pay for a large wedding doesn’t make you a bridezilla
Isn't there some rule about the stability/longevity of a marriage being in inverse proportionality to the wedding cost ?

Difficult to answer.
Every couple/family will have different budgets
available, just don't get into debt over it.

OG, our Wedding was a basic Registry Office mid week do, with best mates as witnesses, and dinner in the Local later, that was 34 years ago.
Rockrose //AL having a father pay for a large wedding doesn’t make you a bridezilla//
Wind it in love -she was a bridezilla....she's my DIL and lovely but even she admitted it would have been less stressful if she'd had a more modest do.
Whatever when I married mrs very simple got two witnesses from of the street.
What do you think, Nameless?
I got married recently, and I'm very glad we had a simple do. I couldn't have stood all the fuss, planning and stress.
The only guests were 12 family members.

Including flowers and dress for me, and suit for OH, fees, food, drink and ring it cost not much more than £1000.
I don't know where you get your figures, OG but it cost us £70 to give notice at the registry office and then 370 for the ceremony, altho it would have been 100 less midweek.

We want a party tho. So I'm guessing it will be a few grand because we want nice food and lots of booze.
Barmaid, one of my friends had a fantastic do ( second marriage). They hired a marquee and had a 'pot luck' with everyone bringing something to eat -prearranged to avoid 25 quiche and 30 trifles. The Bride/Groom provided the Toast and the local pub provided a Bar. It was a really nice informal affair. I'm going to do the same when I hitch up with Sean Bean. :-D
The more money spent on the wedding, the less time the actual marriage will last.
When I got married, it was just me and my husband and 2 random witnesses. Cost as much as the licence cost. Glad I did it on the cheap as we were divorced 7 years later.
It is up to the couple really what they want to spend but I think it is getting ridiculous how much people seem to spend these days, especially with these "destination weddings" where the couple jet off to some exotic location but then expect the rest of the wedding party to go too and on their own money.

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How Much Money/budget Is Considered "too Much" When It Comes To Planning A Wedding?

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